Upcoming training class:
April 2019 in Manchester, UK

We offer training classes tailored to suit the needs of both large and small companies in many industries. Classes usually run 2-5 days and provide a general introduction to STAMP and STAMP-based approaches. Real-world examples are used to demonstrate the concepts in an interactive format. Hands-on exercises are used to facilitate “learning by doing” and to ensure all attendees have a chance to apply STPA on existing examples.

Popular topics:
– STPA for hazard analysis
– Safety-guided design using STPA
– STPA in early concept development
– Applying STPA to to safety, security, and other system properties
– Using STPA to generate requirements
– Analyzing human-automation interactions in STPA
– Anticipating dysfunctional feature interactions
– Generating critical test cases and testing requirements from STPA
– Integrating STPA into the overall system engineering process
– CAST for accident analysis
– Developing leading indicators before accidents occur

Industries where STAMP-based approaches are used:
– Automotive (autonomous self-driving cars, driver assistance systems, etc.)
– Aircraft systems and equipment
– Airline operations
– Manufacturing
– Oil & Gas
– Chemical
– Nuclear power
– Space systems
– Military and Defense
– Healthcare
– Medical devices
– Particle accelerators
– Robotics
– Mining
– Healthcare and patient safety
– Workplace safety
– Production engineering
– Cyber security

We approach training classes just like any good system engineer. We start by learning about your needs and objectives and determining whether a training class can meet those needs. If so, we start by discussing the types of classes that have worked well in your domain and begin planning the class together to ensure the appropriate topics are covered. Then we estimate the amount of contact time required, the number of attendees expected, the amount of preparation required, the total cost, etc. We can then submit a formal quote to you for review and approval by your organization.

For more information, feel free to contact us directly or fill out the form below.